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I just started working on a perun project on a windows computer for the first time that I was previously developing on linux and things are breaking. Is there a quick and easy way to only use linux file separators (ie / instead of \) throughout the perun chain?


@jjttjj I thought we were using Java's io methods to construct system-compatible file paths for us, so I would have expected this to work... seems we've missed something


I'll do a review, but in the meantime, if you can point me at something specific that's breaking, I would appreciate it


@bhagany Might be something to do with absolutize-url in perun.core being called in the default permalink function, as it uses a hardcoded /, but changing that didn't work immediately for me. It looks like some of the surrounding file functions in that namespace also use hardcoded slashes as well. I have to run out for now but I'll have plenty of time to dig in tomorrow if you don't have a chance to 🙂


okay, thanks! I had just found absolutize-url myself


I'm hoping I can scrounge up a windows machine to try it out on tonight


tbf though, I don't know the first thing about setting up a clojure workflow on windows


should be interesting 🙂