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@podviaznikov My current site (PR’ed on the perun repo) is run on Netlify, and it was dead simple to set up. I didn’t need to deal with the build environment setup at all, all I need to set is boot build target for the build command, and target/public as the public folder.


Yeah, I totally understand that. I was thinking more of having small sections in the docs like this one ( Basically have section for autodeploy with Heroku, Circle, Travis, Netlify. So this is more detailed instructions for beginners who never did that and didn’t know what Netlify is or Circle etc


Got ya. Being one of those beginners, I can PR what I did for Netlify. as for netlify comments, I guess you can’t get around needing your own server? It would be awesome if netlify offered the backend for those comments as well...


Beginner level instructions would be great. Eventually we can have a section for all possible options on our guides page


for comments you can get around having your own server. But depends on the use case. It’s possible to store comments on GitHub or Firebase or some other platform which have free layers


so if it’s personal site -> there are solutions


do you want it for your personal site/blog or something more advanced?


Yep it’s just a personal site. It looks like netlify also takes form input, can that be leveraged to make a comments section?


BTW awesome job everyone who worked on the new guides section, that’s some awesome documentation on the built-ins. Makes a lot more sense now!


yeah, that was @bhagany. I’m sure he will appreciate this comment:)


I will check netlify comments more seriously either later today or tomorrow to have some better idea how useful it can be


also, if your site is live - feel free to add it to the examples section


@podviaznikov: I think he submitted a PR for adding it already. I'll merge it when I'm at a computer again if you don't get to it first


I have github notifcations letters disabled, so I just missed PR


No problem :)