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@kaffein what do you mean exactly? letting applicants know about their tickets? or publishing the support ticket buyers? or anything else? Iā€™m one of the organisers and can find out what you want to know šŸ™‚


hi nblumoe : I was actually wondering whether the final results for those who will benefit the diversity program has already been published since I didn't see it ... maybe I missed the announcement, I don't know the thing is for some people based a little further from Berlin we have to prepare the trip, accommodations, ask for a day off at work etc. a little bit ahead of time


alright thanks @kaffein will come back to you asap


thanks a lot nblumoe ... *I hope I'm not doing lobbying here since this is not my intention at all


no worries, Iā€™m here to help. I did not handle that myself though but I reached out to get the information and will let you know once I get an answer


again thanks


@kaffein I was told that everyone was informed about their diversity ticket. maybe you could provide your name and email in a PM (or to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>) and I can get you in touch with Sandra who is handling this, to figure out if something went wrong.


oh so maybe I was not selected then @nblumoe but okay I will send you an email then to be sure thanks


yes please do so. if you were not selected you might be interested in getting transparency. but maybe something else just went wrong and we can still fix it šŸ™‚


(btw there is also #clojured and we might rather continue there)


@nblumoe so, you take over the case of @kaffein which also landed in my inbox and I was mailing the orga team about.


sorry for causing you all this headache guys šŸ˜„