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Is anyone here interested in doing one-off consulting jobs? Basically it's something like: (1) I write a spec / propose a price. (2) You counter on price / clarify on spec. (3) We agree to something. (4) You show me demo. (5) I pay you. // the main issue here is that I would like to pay "per spec" rather than "per hour time"


So here's a sample spec: I need a piece of code which uses the Google RealTime API to move a svg rectangle around on the screen. I don't want to use websockets / long-polling. I want the real time done via Google RealTime API. So what happens is: Alice visits your page. Alice sees rectangle. Bob visits your page. Bob sess rectangle. Alice moves rectangle around. Bob's rectangle also moves around. The updating has to be done via Google RealTime API, not websocket or long-polling. That's the spec. Then we would negotiate on whether $50.00 would be fair.


(The above is an example, not an actual contact offer.)


interesting @qqq I assume you would include a time frame as well ?


oh yeah, it'd be things like:

{:spec string?
:deadline java.inst.Date
:bounty float?}


does this sound interesting to you? I think there are so few great clojure programmers, and so mnay are here


that I'd love to be able to just 'rent' (per project) rather than 'buy' (hire full time eimployee) -- and devs can make more $$ on the side


While I like the idea a lot, at the moment I wouldn't have time to commit for this. Nor would I know what my current employment contract would say about this (my previous employer certainly wouldn't have allowed it)


Hm, 50$? Is like an half hour. Not sure if that can be done in 30 minutes...


Although you said its an example šŸ™‚


well, I think avg is $150.00; so that'd be like 20 minutes


on the other hand, if it's do-able in 20 minutes, it means I found someone who knows google real time api inside out and is cranking out code from memory without even flipping through the docs, @sveri


@qqq Iā€™d be interested in trying out that model. Also, for general interest I am available as a Clojure consultant (and other languages, but Clojure == šŸ˜» )


@qqq: i could be interested too


@thomas , @sveri, @geoffs, @nha, @baptiste-from-paris : awesome! as mentioned above, spec above was an example, not for real the following is for real: I would like to have (1) translated to CLJS AND (2) outputting SVG intstead of HTML/CSS [there's already a sorta Canvas outputter] Question: for each of you, how much would you want? and how much upfront for this task?


you're free to release the work open source under MIT or BSD as an open source project


I just need the code to exist out in the world:


i.e. (1) I pay you to write the code, (2) you can release the code BSD/MIT, and get credit for it // (3) all I care is that the code exists in open source format for me to use [and it's not some insane license like AGPL]


someone should setup a marketplace for this, add in a reputation system, and take a 5% cut šŸ™‚


Can you guys make your offers public here? Would be interesting to watch. grabs popcorn


no one has made an offer yet does this guy: hang out around here? I think he has all the components already, and just has to release his git rep


haha the library seems interesting but can you import js from cljs and make a pr for svg support?


@kevin42: lol, you mean is

"writing the katex -> svg code in js" and then "import from cljs" land
a valid way of satisfying the spec?


I don't see how it satisifes condition (1) of "translated to CLJS"


KaTeX is really nice, I've integrated it into my Hugo blog after having played with MathJax and it's much much faster and provides a well better UI experience for viewers when the page is math heavy. There are a few missing features but nothing I couldn't manage with a quick workaround. Interesting project šŸ‘


@dottedmag : sorry, is this off topic because (1) it's a contract job instead of full time offer or (2) it's now discussion about the spec rather than just announcing a contract offer ?


fwiw, I thought this was a great discussion, and I'm glad it was here. #jobs-discuss delenda est


@qqq it does not sounds like a 1 hour job loading