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Looking for QA Engineer
- work 20/hr a week 
- remote allowed
- user testing
- setting up runscope


@josh_tackett Is that a Clojure job?


@borkdude yep! we write clojure and would like a QA engineer who has basic clojure understanding so they may also prescribe what is causing error, (aka lazy seq, etc)


@josh_tackett Could you give a bit more info please? Like where are you based? Do you accept remote ( in that case please also post in #remote-jobs )


@josh_tackett Ok, just checking to keep this channel clean and clojure 🙂


@josh_tackett just saw that you did. thank you


@thomas Yep we except remote!


Room Key ( is looking for software engineers with strong Clojure experience to join our development team in Charlottesville, Virginia (sorry, no remote work available). Solve interesting problems! At scale! Using Clojure! Room Key adopted Clojure right at the company’s inception in 2012. It was a brave decision which attracted major pushback at the time from our company’s founders. It paid off though allowing us to attract top-notch developers and to scale our core web application from essentially zero to 15m uniques/month without a hitch. We are proud to be the first company (that we know of) to use Clojure in production in the burgeoning tech and start-up community in Charlottesville, VA. Now there are many more, with much involvement from Room Key alumni, which brings a small tear to our eye. So what are we doing today? All of our back end is Clojure: our API, several micro services, data ingestion services, real-time hotel rate consumers and more. In the past couple of years we have also begun to use Clojurescript for a new front end product. We now use both Clojure and CLJS with AWS Lambda to consume AWS Kinesis events. We are also using a similar setup for a number of devops tasks and are very intentionally moving more of our ops tasks to Clojure. We were also early adopters of Datomic and are currently using it to build a new user database. So, in case you haven’t got the idea yet, if you like Clojure then yes you’ll like working for Room Key. We have two openings available that we’d like to fill in short order. One is a back-end engineer and for that position we need someone who is already experienced with Clojure and can hit the ground running. For the second position we are looking for a good generalist, equally willing to work on the front and back end. Clojure/Clojurescript experience would be a huge bonus, but otherwise an enthusiasm to learn, or expand upon an existing interest, would be enough. Refer to for full details & benefits, how to apply and also what it’s like to live and work in the fantastic town of Charlottesville. We are willing to help with relocation costs.


Is remote work possible?


contact the company itself


I literally know nothing except what's in the PDF