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@mtnygard I find vase really interesting. It's super convenient to build fast backend API backend by datomic. I will try it out soon this week 😄


@mtnygard have you thought of conforming with different wire formats as JSON & Transit have different capabilities for presenting data.. Haven’t seen that (runtime conforming) part on the spec roadmap. Here’s something we are doing for it:


I think conformance and coercion are two different concepts but they can be related by using s/conformer. I think that strongly couples coercion to your spec definition, though. I could be mistaken.


Problem is that there is no coercion in spec. I’m using a special conformer, which doesn’t transform anything by default, only if you tell it to (do JSON or String -conversions). Another way would be to take a spec and transform it into a differently conforming spec, e.g. User -> UserJSON, UserString. Currently not 100% proof due to the global spec registry. But something needs to be done IMO. I would be glad if I could toss away my current code for this.


@ikitommi Are you talking about this in the context of Pedestal in general or of Vase specifically?