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I would say Pedestal is a framework, as it calls your code 😉 There is also reitit-pedestal add-on, which allows one to describe header-params with spec. With request-coercion interceptor mounted, validation, coercion (string->edn) and api-docs are pulled from those definitions. Would be something like:

 {:get {:summary "playing with header-params"
        :parameters {:header {:x-int pos-int?}}
        :interceptors [(coercion/coerce-request-interceptor)]
        :handler (fn [req]
                   {:status 200
                    :body {:value (-> req :parameters :header :x-int inc)}})}}]


question about web sockets.. Is there a simple way to know which client closed their end so that I can remove them from my collection of clients? I've done some workarounds requiring the client to have an id as a query param and I can look them up by request on close, but I was hoping there was something simpler that I've been overlooking.


update, keying off the hash of the request seems to work well enough without requiring the client to provide an id.