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Marc O'Morain11:05:30

Trying on our app now. One suggestion /Users/marc/dev/circleci/circle/test/circle/bitbucket/test_client.clj:4:14: warning: unused namespace cheshire.core On first reading, this made my think that a namespace was unused - in fact it’s the import that’s not used. Maybe this would be more clear: > warning: required namespace is unused


TSLint would phrase it something like namespace cheshire.core is required, but never used.


ok, can you put this into an issue? I’d be happy to rephrase


also, I’m wondering about the message about (cond 1 2), I’m still pondering about a better message there


feel free to post it in the same issue


I would be happy to change the message, but note that this is exactly the same output as joker: