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does datafy for rebl only work with the datomic.client.api not with datomic.api?


seems to be the case, but a good and easy exercise to add it


good morning! I’d like to migrate some entities into their own partition - at the moment, everything is in user - is retracting the entity and recreating it the only option?


I think someone here mention that API Gateway websockets does work through Datomic Cloud, maybe @lanejo01? Can’t search the logs right now

Joe Lane14:05:05

Are you running into problems with it?

Joe Lane15:05:18

This is absolutely possible. Just make 3 ions, one for onConnect, another for onDisconnect, and a third for onMessage (or whatever they call it).


I'm running into problems trying to do an ion-push from a CodeBuild container.

[Container] 2019/05/14 10:10:08 Running command clojure -A:dev -m '{:op :push}' 
{:command-failed "{:op :push}", 
   "VPC endpoints do not support cross-region requests (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 403; Error Code: AccessDenied; Request ID: 1CC05267DFB09AEF; S3 Extended Request ID: MufLOTeSWSQTUQK+kmRM43+VZatPzPGDlKR3JoAFnWm8C9V+TArQnig6xthyWoNZ/dgBNI7Tyxs=)", 
   :class AmazonS3Exception})} 
I'm not sure why the error occurs, as there are no VPC settings for the build project and it can download dependencies from the repo just fine. I suppose part of the reason is that a :push also downloads implicit dependencies every time from the datomic-releases-1fc2183a/maven/releases repo, like com/datomic/java-io/0.1.11/java-io-0.1.11.jar. Weird thing is that the following command succeeds just fine: aws s3 cp .. Anyone have any ideas?


I'm running in eu-west-1 while the datomic-cloud repo is (very likely) in us-east-1


@dmarjenburgh this is a known issue; I haven’t been able to get it to work from us-east-1 either, though


so it’s not limited to the s3 bucket region issue


hi, does anybody have experience deploying datomic on-prem on multi-master storage that spans multiple datacenters (for HA reasons)? Something like MariaDB Galera cluster or CockroachDB. Any tips? Or is this at all feasible?


by definition eventually consistent cross-datacenter replications systems are unsuitable for Datomic storage


yeah, I know this, but those solutions are not eventually consistent


@marshall I have narrowed down the possibilities quite a bit and posted my findings in the thread ( Interesting that it didn’t work for us-east-1, as my minimum reproducible case did work for buckets in the same region.


@dmarjenburgh it may be worth following up with AWS support directly with the specific error code that you get; they may be able to determine what permission or issue is causing the failure