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Anyone with experience in micro front-ends? How did it work out for you?

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I haven’t implemented it yet but I am working on pushing our codebase there. The value of being able to try new technologies, upgrade outdated libraries, and potentially bring in ClojureScript seems far too valuable of an opportunity to pass up.


A short gallup regarding which is the most favorite cloud platform among clojurians? I have done work both in Azure and AWS side and there are good Clojure libraries for AWS but not that many good libraries for Azure - that would suggest that AWS. How about GCP? Do clojurians use GCP a lot and are there good Clojure libraries for GCP? I'm planning to learn GCP and make some entry level certification there as well (currently having 3 AWS certs and 1 Azure cert).


Azure has other systemic, design, documentation, usability, and stability issues; the sum total is that I'd keep far away if you can.


Keep far away from Azure is my recommendation as well. We tried to build an Azure function product on it and failed miserably


A (frontend) colleague is very happy with Azure, especially for ci/cd, it probably depends on the use case.


the worst thing for me is CI/CD 😄 In particular, there is still an issue open on introducing caching of dependencies


Has the certification proven to be useful?


Certifications are part of the requirements for a company to become a partner via APN:


Yep. Read my comment below.


I’d like everyone on our team (me included) to go through the learning part of the AWS certification, but not sure if actually taking a test makes any difference in the long run?


Probably the best thing with the exam is that it forces you to study the services you haven’t used yet.


It was older edition though. Haven’t looked into this one.


It seems like the new edition has dropped the word “Official” from the title. :thinking_face:


And it’s written by different people


I’ve used AWS and Heroku a lot and done some random stuff with Azure and IBM BlueMix/SoftLayer/WhatEverItIsNowadays. My go-to choice is AWS if doing something that requires custom infrastructure, complex integrations or private / hybrid cloud. If I was building just a webapp I’d probably use Heroku since it’s more narrowly focused (PaaS) and it provides great developer experience with close to zero need to fiddle with the infrastructure.


I’ve also used AWS for building ‘serverless’ applications using Lambda and ClojureScript and it works great.


Heroku btw has official support for Clojure apps (using leiningen)


I have used quite a lot of AWS: EC2, ECS, AWS Batch, RDS, Redshift, Kinesis, Lambda etc. I actually implemented one reporting application using Clojure and baked the Clojure app into a Docker container and triggered the nightly report processing using AWS Batch (which used Docker container). I personally like AWS more than Azure but I have done Azure as well.


Regarding certifications: if you are working in big corporations (like I am) they usually tend to make you go to certification exams for a few reasons. Corporation doesn't get premium partnership with the cloud provider if the corporation doesn't have a certain amount of certified specialists. Another important reason are tenders - usually in the requests for tenders the customers require that the tender names a few certified specialists that are coming to the project. So, for these reasons there often are certain incentives for specialists who study the material and take the certification exam. A couple personal reasons to take the certification exams are: as someone already mentioned you need to study the most important services, also those ones you haven't used before, the certification gives a nice target for your cloud studies, the certification is at least some kind of proof that you know at least the basics of the cloud you certified, and the most important reason is that the certifications are personal - you take them with you when you move to another company (or unit).


Next I'd like to study GCP and make some entry level certification for it. And also it would be great to have a chance to work in some GCP project and use Clojure there!


And regarding Infrastructure as Code - I have used both CloudFormation and Terraform in the AWS side (and some ARM in the Azure side). Terraform is my choice of IaC tool. If you are interested I have written some blog posts regarding my experiences in the cloud world:

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Argument: Thread interruptability is a functional anti-pattern


If really necessary, perhaps interruptability should be constrained to one source of truth for a given thread, for at least a given time