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Hello! Any idea why evil binding e.g. “c”, “i” would ‘shadow’ cider debugger mappings e.g. (c)ontinue, (i)nsert? cheers!


Oh yes, this looks like a bug. I am getting the same issue. Using n works correctly to step through each breakpoint and its the only keybinding I use with the debugger, so never noticed this was an issue before. l for locals seems to work. I don't know what the fix is, but maybe someone has raised an issue already


@prnc it seems someone fixed this problem back in 2015 in Maybe there has been a regression in the Clojure layer that breaks this (assuming it was a fix) or something has changed in Spacemacs that breaks the original fix.


I will do a pull of the latest packages and Spacemacs to see if this fixes the issue, although I cant see any differences in the Spacemacs GitHub repository


From my tests, it seems most keybindings work, in that they do the cider debug actions. It seems c, C, i and e are doing evil tasks 🙂


For those writing a lot of org-mode docs with links in it, org-cliplink has now been added to Spacemacs. , i L will insert an org-mode link for the current value in the clipboard.

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