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Hello everyone! Sneak peak on the tracer for Pathom 3!! I was able to re-use the previous timeline, altough the format is a bit different, in Pathom 2 each row was an attribute, now they are tied to resolvers in the graph, getting some cool animations thanks to Cytoscape!

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This is phenomenal. In your opinion, how much closer does this push Pathom 3 to “production-ready”? Is this a big step, or small?


feature-wise is close to complete, the tooling should be out this week, so for MVC I say its a small step. production-ready to me also means the library is in use in production and really tested in real applications. currently I'm developing Pathom 3 without any such app to test it for good, so I will need have people trying it out. since the new planner algorithm is new and quite complex, as the complexity of users graphs grow, I expect early users to find bugs on it (when I was porting repl-tooling I found a few, but I guess there is more out there). but once a few ups are up and running good, than I say its prod-ready, but also depends on people using it to get there 😉