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Kari Marttila14:01:21

I'm wondering why the "Use port from nREPL file" selected option won't stay. If I start IDEA/Cursive and start the Clojure REPL and I have chosen "Specify custom port file" the previous time it will be changed to "Use standard port file" the next time.


Just a guess but you’re selecting on of the standard files so it’s reverting back to that choice. If you put a non standard file there does it persist?

Kari Marttila17:01:21

If I'm implementing a full stack app (both Clojure backend (.nrepl-port) and Clojurescript frontend (.shadow-cljs/nrepl.port)) there occasionally has been some hassle which file is chosen - therefore I'd like to make it explicit here.


Hmm, I think @U11BV7MTK might be right about the default value - I’ll try to reproduce this.


Makes sense.