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👋 Is there a way to get the “star search” (i.e. * a.k.a. shift+8) work on symbols containing > ? This is pretty idiomatic in clojure to have fom->to or ->FooBar kinds of things and that search does not work. Something about regexp escaping it’s doing… Would appreciate if anyone has and advice how to work around it, cheers!


@prnc I use helm-swoop and it seems to handle characters like this okay. If using * for the transient symbol highlight menu, then try s from that menu to find matches


nice! thanks that is a nice workaround. Just need to dig a little deeper to try to see if I can get it to a more “traditional” i.e. vim like behaviour i.e. * works right away, triggering search forward or just highlight and n to get the next match. Muscle memory thing 🙂 Cheers!


@prnc or SPC v and maybe a few more v to select the whole form and then * works. Maybe its just a case of defining a word boundary for the function called by * :woman-shrugging: