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Gleb Posobin22:01:56

» clj -X:new :name posobin/eb-deployment-test
Generating a project called eb-deployment-test based on the 'app' template.
» cd eb-deployment-test
» clojure -M:uberjar
Clojure 1.10.1
Why am I getting the repl prompt and no jar?

Gleb Posobin22:01:01

Clojure version

Gleb Posobin22:01:43

Ah, I should have run this with -X:uberjar. Readme at says to use -M.

Gleb Posobin22:01:25

But readme inside the generated project is correct.


@posobin Good catch! I forgot the main README still said -M -- I have an open issue to update the deps-deploy stuff to use the latest version and switch to -X so I'll add a note to that to review and update the main clj-new README!

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Gleb Posobin23:01:32

Why does clj-new generate a LICENSE file?


Because the generated README has a clause about licensing.


It's better to provide a default for folks who want to open source something -- other folks can just ignore it.


(I updated the main README for -X:jar and -X:uberjar BTW)

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The idea is that clj-new produces a "complete" starter project for you: it has a stub for tests, a stub for documentation, a complete pom.xml, etc.


The pom.xml also contains license information and SCM information.


Also: this is exactly the same behavior as boot-new and exactly the same behavior as lein -- and it's always been that way.


The project templates -- app and lib -- in clj-new came from my boot-new project, which copied a lot of stuff from Leiningen (with permission and with proper accreditation).

Gleb Posobin23:01:45

I think there should be a note that this doesn't mean that the project has to be under EPL: I was first afraid that this is the case when I saw the LICENSE file, and only after reading the thread understood that there is no such obligation.

Gleb Posobin23:01:51

Also, is pom needed only if I make a library out of my project?


Currently, the app template also generates pom.xml because depstar sort of needs it -- but I'm planning to adjust depstar's behavior for uberjars. But, yes, if you generate a lib project and intend to deploy it somewhere, you'll need a pom.xml.


As for the license, I guess I sort of assumed that folks would just change the license to whatever they wanted -- but nearly all Clojure code that is open sourced uses EPL.

Gleb Posobin23:01:44

Hmm, so I should keep pom.xml updated somehow? Or does tools.deps do it for me? I am using the app template.


depstar can do it automatically.

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:sync-pom true and you can also specify :version ... to change the version.


That isn't the default, but I'll probably updated clj-new to make that the default when I next work on it.

seancorfield23:01:10 to address licensing questions; to clarify the pom.xml usage and versioning (and have depstar keep it sync'd by default).