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I want to try out a js library whose install instructions want me to do something like

    <App />
What is the best / most idiomatic way to do that in a shadow app?


depends on which react wrapper you prefer. reagent is probably easiest?


an expertly weighted nudge in the right direction. thanks


I'm getting this error when initially firing up:

Note: The following stack trace applies to the reader or compiler, your code was not executed.
CompilerException Syntax error compiling at (rewrite_clj/custom_zipper/core.clj:59:1). #:clojure.error{:phase :compile-syntax-check, :line 59, :column 1, :source "rewrite_clj/custom_zipper/core.clj"}
I haven't fired up my project in a little while. It worked just fine last time I looked at it like a month ago but now the above occurs. Edit: looks like upgrading to latest shadow fixed it.


this is not part of any code shadow-cljs uses. maybe cider-nrepl?