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Hey guys, has anyone gotten the fulcro RAD demo,, setup w/ emacs? I was looking for some guidance if you did.


what issues are you having? Seems straightforward as its a shadow project on the frontend and just a clj project on the backend. Sounds like the only bit that might be a little confusing for someone is how to get the dev and datomic aliases involved. but if you do jack in with a prefix you can manually add those in. and there's an easy way to add them to dir locals so they are there automatically


@dpsutton thanks, and yes the bit that I wasn't sure how to do was involving the dev and datomic aliases. How do I jack in w/ a prefix?


@dpsutton nvm I got it, thanks for the help 🙂

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Glad it worked out. I was sim racing so didn’t see your messages :)

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