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I have the following re-frame event handlers with which I’m trying to upload a video to the server:

 (fn [coeffects [_ blob]]
   (let [body (js/FormData.)]
     (.append body "video" blob)
     {:http-xhrio {:method :post
                   :uri (str "" "/api/upload-shot-video")
                   :body body
                   :on-success [:upload-success]
                   :on-failure [:upload-error]
                   :response-format (edn/edn-response-format)}}))

 (fn [coeffects _]
   (prn "uploading video")
   (let [response (js/fetch (-> coeffects :db :shot-video-uri))]
         (let [blob (<p! (. (<p! response) blob))]
           (js/console.log "blob is " blob)
           (js/console.log "size of blob is " (.-size blob))
           (dispatch [:upload-shot-video-server blob])))
       (catch js/Error e (js/console.log "Error is " e)))
I have a handler on the server to take the input stream and save it as a file:
(defn upload-shot-video [req]
  (prn "uploading video")
  (prn "video is! " (-> req :params))
  (prn "video is " (-> req :body))
  ( (-> req :body) ( "./resources/public/"))

  (let [filename (str (rand-str 100) ".mov")]
     :bucket-name "humboi-videos"
     :key filename
     :file "./resources/public/"
     :access-control-list {:grant-permission ["AllUsers" "Read"]})
    (db/add-video {:name (-> req :params :name)
                   :uri (str "" filename)}))
  (r/response {:res "okay!"}))


However, the video that’s being saved as a file is 0 bytes large, even though the video blob is a non-zero sized video


How to fix this error?