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Saw this quote on the orange site . “Nix is not boring, but it is honest. It's hard because it doesn't take half measures. It's not an easy learning curve gaslighting to you to a dead end.” What does that remind you of?


Reminds me of Dr. Kelso > Nothing In This World Worth Having Comes Easy

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In what way are clojure namespaces better than chsarp and java equivalents

Martynas Maciulevičius08:03:27

I think they are not better. They do different things. In OOP languages that you mentioned namespaces are important to sort classes into "units". Without namespaces you'd have many classes that are in one "place". So the discoverability would suffer. How would you use and import things from JARs...? And in Clojure we use namespaces to sort functions/classes into "units". So well... they do different things. Or maybe I'm shortsighted.


Different also in the sense that Clojure namespaces are not inherently hardwired to any concrete on-disk representation, such as filepath / classpath etc.


We can also fully introspect and modify namespaces at runtime.


You may also like to Ctrl-F "namespace" in this nice list curated by reborg > A curated collection of answers that Rich gave throughout the history of Clojure

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catjam 1

What a useful list! Thanks for sharing!


thanks @U054W022G gratitude ☝️

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Github seems to be down again... 😞


and back up for me

Cora (she/her)15:03:19

they've been having such a bad time this week 😞


It seems like many of the bigger companies have these downtimes lately, since one or two years or so. Is that just confirmation bias or something? Or how is the bias called “if you look for it you see more of it”?


Availability heuristic

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Probably related to that lapsus$ group that has targeted MS, Nvidia, Samsung, Okta in recent times. Or not, I'm totally guessing 🙂


Interesting @UPWHQK562 there were also amazon and facebook outages not so long ago. In some cases it wouldn’t surprise me if there is significant external pressure in the form of cyber attacks and the like in some of these cases.

Ben Sless10:03:36

Or it's all falling apart :thinking_face:


Don’t despair @UK0810AQ2!

Ben Sless11:03:57

I'm not despairing, it might actually end up forcing the software world to up its game. We can't keep throwing compute and frameworks at the problem

Ben Sless11:03:42

I see this as an increase in demand for working, simple software

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