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Drew Verlee16:03:56

Where can i track active browser EventListners? our browser app addEventListner someEventListner, but i don't see it in devtools > source > global listerners or EventListnerBreakpoints. Both of which are categorize i don't fully understand yet. I would want to see an event log of events fired and listening and previously listening event handlers. Is that possible, maybe in chrome or with some addon/extension? Would that seem useful in general or how do people generally get a handle events overtime and the effects they have?


Do you call addEventListner on js/window? If so, it should make its way to the "Global Listeners" panel. "Event Listener Breakpoints" is for, well, breakpoints - you won't find any listeners there.

Jan ariane17:03:45

are there any tool which can convert database/grid/table into mindmap?

Martynas Maciulevičius17:03:20

If you use PostgreSQL then you can view your tables this way:;q=pgmodeler&amp;iax=images&amp;ia=images I don't find it particularly useful but wel... it's something. This is based on schema that you have and it's not made to work on graphs/grids/tables. It's only for entity relationships. For some usecases you won't be able to find tools. Your data has to be standartized in some way.


I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for, but GraphViz is a fantastic tool.