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Hi, i am trying to find some resource about running clj and cljs repl in case of monorepo. My workflow: 1) jack-in-clj 2) running shadow-cljs watch 3) connect-in-cljs Cljs repl opens but is is not used by cider when i want to eval something in any cljs file. I would like to have same repl functionality for CLJ and CLJS. Thanks for help


@zikajk I think you're hitting which really should be fixed, the issue has been lingering for too long


Ahh, is there some workaround? I relly on hot reload right now but it is limited if you need to eval just some cljs sexp etc.


Perhaps there's a buffer for the cljs repl and you can enter things there (semi-) by hand?


@U45T93RA6 yeah, this is fine sometimes. But it gets complicated in large codebase. Thanks for the tip.


If you get to hack on sesman / CIDER for obtaining the following behavior: > if the file is .cljs and there's exactly one cljs connection, use that one no matter what I think that PR would be extremely welcome

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It would 😔


Hey @zikajk don't know if it is this that you mean, but i have my workflow like this: I have a monorepo with backend and frontend ns, then 1. jack-in-cljs: it starts a shadow-cljs watch 2. cider-connect-sibling-clj It's gonna open two repl buffers, one for cljs and one for clj. Then if you have like a cljc file that both ns use it will work on both repl.


@UCE6QCEQP nice tip. I will try that soon. I am running shadow-cljs/watch from clj namespace now.


@UCE6QCEQP Hey, that works great both ways. I can do cider-connect-sibling-cljs, no problems so far 👍


@zikajk Great!! I jack-in-cljs first to let cider handle the shadow stuff... i rarely handle with shadow ns (:target :browser most)