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Calva, the beginner friendly Clojure IDE for VS Code, just updated. v2.0.257 changes: • Maintenance: • Fix: The most visible change is a more convenient Ux for connecting the REPL in monorepos, #polylith, etcetera. Contributors: @corasaurus-hex, @brandon.ringe and I (me?)

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Daniel Jomphe12:03:42

Thanks! It solves an issue we had. We don't have a monorepo (only one deps.edn), but we have multiple source trees. If we were in one of the dev alias' extra-paths, Calva didn't start the right thing until now. 🙂

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Thanks for the feedback, @U0514DPR7! That situation sounds similar to what you have in a #polylith project.

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)13:03:07

Awesome, thank you for your relentless work, @U0ETXRFEW!

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:03:33

should this have been 2.0.257 ?

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Yes, thanks! Now fixed.