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Hi, There is a way to keep the REPL buffer always opened? something similar on how Cursive works . Thanks for help.


You can make Emacs do many cool things, but I'm not entirely sure how you can sticky a buffer. Instead, how about some useful features that might alleviate your problem? If you want to quickly show the REPL-buffer, you can type C-c C-z . To evaluate code in the current buffer, type C-x C-e . To show the result in a separate window, type C-c C-p .


Yep, the C-c C-z is useful here.


Good to hear. In that case, another tip is to use C-c C-z while in the repl-buffer to go back to where you were in the other buffer.

César Olea14:03:23

You can also open a new Emacs window (called frames in Emacs) with C-x 5 2 and have it display the REPL at all times. If the REPL has focus when C-x 5 2 the new frame will have the REPL buffer on top by default.


Good option too, thx César!


If you just want to keep Emacs from taking over that window for a different purpose you can just run M-: (set-dedicated-window-p nil t) RET

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In case your bindings are non-standard:

M-: runs the command eval-expression (found in global-map), which is
an interactive compiled Lisp function in 'simple.el'.

It is bound to M-:, M-ESC :.

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