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Im in a situation where I need to string up SQL that has user input (user will specify a table name and a column name), I can't seem to parameterize this with C# SQL ADO. SO I want to validate before I run it (avoid sql injection), am I safe to just make sure the user input doesnt contain ; or go ? Only allow a-zA-Z\.\_- ?


The query will be off the form:

select top 1 {foo} from {bar} order by {foo} desc
Where user will supply foo as column name and bar as table name.


These will be read from a config file


You don't need to validate anything if you do proper escaping/quoting. Does the library that you're using have some API for escaping/quoting values?


It seems like it doesnt for table names and column names, e.g. this is safe

select Foo from Bar where Foo = @Foo
THen I can safely parameterize @Foo with sqlCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Foo", foo); BUt again, doesnt work with table names or column names


For now I'll just say read the docs. I'm on vacation.


But the tl;Dr is : use honeysql


The built-in HoneySQL facilities only quote identifiers - there's no escaping:

(sql/format {:update :table :set {"foo-bar" 1 "baz/quux] = (DELETE FROM users), [x" 2}} {:dialect :sqlserver})
["UPDATE [table] SET [foo-bar] = ?, [baz/quux] = (DELETE FROM users), [x] = ?" 1 2]
That is, I couldn't find it - maybe I'm missing something.


The ? Are sql parameters. They are fully escaped by definition


Oh, you're talking about the keys in the hash map? Gotcha.


There's some sanity checking on that but not much currently. Create a Github issue with that example and I'll give it some thought when I get back


It's lunchtime here on vacation 😉


Although I don't think escaping identifiers is something that's supposed to be solved by a tool like HoneySQL - sure, I'll open an issue. Have fun! :) Edit: done -


That would require a roundtrip to the DB or maybe coming up with very opaque statements. As I mentioned in the issue above, seems like escaping is rather simple if done along with quoting, so personally I'd go with that option.


It wouldn't, you would just construct + execute the SQL complete statement on the database server instead. For example:

declare @col sysname = 'id';
declare @table sysname = ';"] drop table users;';

declare @sql nvarchar(max) = (CONCAT('select top 1 ', QUOTENAME(@col), ' from ', QUOTENAME(@table)));
EXEC (@sql)
Where @col and @table could come from his C# code.


Well yeah, that's exactly what I meant by "opaque". Instead of simple SELECT you now have that monster.


Hmm seems pretty standard. But yea if he can easily validate it in C# I agree it is better. But then might need to replicate all of the ways to refer to tables in SQL Server, so might be more work.


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and I just got enough data that I've started using it to do forecasts, if a package is in city A using the data I have generate 100 possible deliveries, then see what the distribution of how many days it takes a package to get from A to me is


we moved from a big suburb to a small town a while back, and delivery service, even accuracy of estimate delivery dates is way worse


The great thing about writing my own forecasting is I get a histogram(likely inaccurate) instead of a single delivery date

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x-posting since off-topic contains the superset of all Clojurians and I have a talk due in 2 days and I'm hoping someone gets nerdsniped into "helping" me a la ""... 😁;cid=C053AK3F9