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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)06:03:45

After 4 years since the last major update, Aleph 0.4.7 is now available, containing many lovely bug fixes and updated dependencies!

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Excellent! Thank you! For completeness, here are the changelogs:

Hugh Powell22:03:50

Hell yes! Thankyou 🙂. We've had issues with Aleph 0.4.6 and the AWS SSO libraries. This should fix that :thumbsup:

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)03:03:34

@UB2GLDEN8 Did you try any of the alpha releases over the years? I don't recall any commits specifically relating to AWS SSO, so please let us know on GH if there are still issues.

Hugh Powell03:03:09

Yeah, the latest alpha releases were looking good. I'll open GH issues if we run into anything as we upgrade.

Hugh Powell03:03:36

It was mostly to do with mis-matched versions of netty I think.

Matthew Davidson (kingmob)03:03:32

Hmmm. I’m planning to give it a week or so, then we’ll bump up Netty to the latest version. It’s still a bit behind

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fogus (Clojure Team)18:03:04

New Cognitect Labs aws-api service APIs available! CHANGES - new endpoints version - Updated services versions v820.2.1083.0 and v820.2.1096.0 pushed - new AWS service APIs available: billingconductor, keyspaces README: API Docs: Changelog: Upgrade Notes: Latest Releases of api, endpoints, and all services:

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We have just published a very, very early first release of a Testcontainers plugin for kaocha

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wow this is great, I have got a ton of code around it that might go away thanks to this thank you! 😅

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Great to hear! It’s still early, we use it in our own applications, but I’d be happy to get your thoughts and feedback on this!


Yeah we should sync one day, I'll have to compile the list of quirks and workarounds I had to go through at some point 😄

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