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Norman Kabir23:03:53

I'd like to experiment with Datalevin on EFS with Lambda. This is a low-traffic scenario. EFS/Lambda integration is fairly new so I don't expect anyone to have much experience there but if there are any known showstoppers with LMDB or Datalevin, please let me know! I'll share my results once I have them...


My understanding is EFS is just NFS, as long as you don’t have two hosts accessing the same volume at the same time, it should be fine.


Here’s what LMDB author has to say about using NFS with LMDB: “The main reason for that warning about NFS is that people will try it, see that it seems to work, and then get careless and try to use the same DB from two different hosts at once. It’s inevitable when you’re working on files living on networked filesystems, and it cannot work. NFS doesn’t offer any cache coherency guarantees, and the mutexes used for synchronizing writers only work on the host that created them.”


However, nothing stops you from running a Datalevin server instead

Norman Kabir23:03:59

Agreed! That was my next choice. Thank you!