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you might find some useful stuff in here, especially if you're starting from pixel art images / spritesheets


there's code in there to scale images without smoothing, and to slice up spritesheets

Vinicius Vieira Tozzi21:03:23

wow this is pretty cool! thanks, does it make sense to add cljbox2d as a dependency to my little game even if I don’t plan on using any physics simulation? Just for the quil-extras there. this is very useful on any type of game.


You'd be pulling in jbox2d but maybe that's not a big issue for you. Or just copy the namespace to your own project.


Maybe you also find this useful, code to split sprite sheets back into individual images


A lot of sprite sheets you find don't come with the necessary coordinate information of what's where on the sheet. I used this to unpack them, select the ones I need, and then repack with existing tools. If have to look around to see what I used for that though