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Lukas Domagala19:03:12

So grateful for @borkdude and all the other wonderful people who make the best “linter” (it feels like so much more now) a dynamic language could wish for. And of course, it integrates so well into everything because @ericdallo makes a joy to use. ❤️ I was reminded how much I rely on both projects for my workflow when they were suddenly not helping as much because of deftype and java interop. It suddenly feels so much less comfortable to move through the code. And a few minutes later I realized (by writing a bug…) that clj-kondo even has! Who even needs Haskel anymore? 😉

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Thanks, messages like this keep me motivated to keep improving it :)

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Thank you too! gratitude

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This is fantastic — I love these elements of compile time type checking. Thank you!


It's been a few years since I set up my clojure env - I have 'joker' and flycheck-joker (emacs) with CIDER mode - I assume I could swap joker->clj-kondo and somehow plug clojure-lsp into the Emacs setup? What would I gain, and does anyone have a small guide/tutorial to integrating it like this?


Yes, you can swap, IMO joker is pretty outdated nowadays compared with clj-kondo, also check here the features clojure-lsp provide that you could use:

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flycheck-clj-kondo is a drop-in replacement for joker's config almost

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clojure-lsp uses clj-kondo under the hood, so no need to extra setup anything if you intend to use clojure-lsp