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Is there a name for the layout where the 'main' text is in a column taking up about 60% of the page, and there's a 'gutter' which is used for images, tables, footnotes etc.? Like in example (there is also meta-example on page labelled 10 :))


This is not a scientific paper though, and the quoted "The Feynman Lectures on Physics" is not a scientific paper either. It might depend on the area, but I don't remember seeing such a layout in proper scientific papers that I had to deal with - usually it's either one column or two equally wide columns of linear material.


Fair enough, I've removed the mention of scientific papers from the question


Asked a friend that knows a lot about LaTeX - apparently, the word "tufte" that's in the name of the PDF file does actually name that layout. :) Or rather, it names the LaTeX package that produces such a layout:


Oh cool! I guess Tufte (and Feynman) were the originators of the style? Thanks very much!

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That link has a good, which seems to be called "sidenotes", as opposed to footnotes


Don't know about the originators, but just in case - there's also marginnote package that produces similar results.

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how someone manages data which are stored on multiple clouds on local drive? i.e. some data stored at google drive, some at dropbox/other cloud storage, how all of those data is stored in local drive? separate folder for each cloud service? to avoid duplication & manage categorization


> separate folder for each cloud service? Yes.