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1. with 'simple java project", I can easily add a new class + run System.out.println("Hello World"); 2. due to dependency issues, I am now trying gradle project (this is IntelliJ), I get to this screen: 3. I can't figure out how to add a new class -- do I have to add some type of new container, then add new classes inside that container?


You'll need to define a 'source' directory, usually


As far as I know, this layout applies to Gradle as well.


@fellshard: got it all working now; thanks!

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I'm a bit surprised the gradle template didn't set up the default project structure as well.


Same here. I recreated the gradle-intellij project 3-4 times, with different options, to see if one of them auto created the structure. None did.


So I have a lot of trouble translating temperature metrics into what should I wear for the day. Ie: The minimum is 12C today so I probably should pack a sweater. Is there an app that can do this for me?


i seem to remember someone making an app like that wayyyy back in the early app store days, but who knows if it still exists


looks like there are a few around if you google “weather clothing app”


Most apps are underdeveloped or lack a lot of core features (like converting between F and C). There was an app called Swackett that was widely features in best apps list from some years ago, but is nowhere to be found in the app store


For example: I totally refuse to use this disgustingly designed app


Looks like I’ll have to take cljsrn for a ride


@justinlee Well, the templates have only been an example. And yes, if I build a SPA could be I dont need them. So in the case of an SPA a nice to have would be some proconfigured routes like login / logout / generation of a JWT.


is there some way to mark a few *.jar files as always available to all intellj projets / intellj platform ?


@qqq you can put them in some folder, and add that folder to your classpath. Not sure how easy it is to add that to anything with intelliJ, you could have done default jobs I think.


anyone happen to know when ubuntu 18.04 LTS is coming out of beta? I thought I had read end of March at one point.


oh, 26th of april

Josh Horwitz14:04:40

I've been running the daily for quite a while though and it has been rock solid in my experience


great, cant wait to get on it


@qqq instead of making something available on one platform only I would try to make that process part of the build system that generates the config files for intellij / any IDE


@pesterhazy I was looking into vue.js for now and want to combine it with later, if I find the time. Just curious how things look now on the JS side. Two things that are not so pleasant. 1. There is a vue-cli tool, installing that does not seem to give me a new executable, but instead I can use vue init or vue create now. The actual vue-cli docs say to use vue create, but the vue docs say to use vue init. Its confusing but at least vue init worked, while as vue create just did nothing. 2. There is an entry on how to add typescript support to vue. But it comes with an example that says to create components like this: const Component = Vue.extend({while the generated component looks like this: export default { name: 'HelloWorld', ... So the docs are not consistent with the vue-cli tool. I am not the best documenter myself, so I cannot hardly complain, but nonetheless, the docs leave questions open or are directly confusing.


Ideas to improve Git's stash - search stashes by distance, not only by stack position


"I want to pop the stash I made closest to this commit" vs. "I have to scan each stash to figure out which one was closest to here"


(or I can change my habits to make temporary commits over stashes...) ¯\(ツ)


Tower's stash browser is pretty ace. Not particularly smart, but since the app performs so well (unlike Sourcetree et al) you don't mind viewing a few stashes till you find the right one


@sveri: I'm not sure we are discussing the same technical problem. Can you please explain what you think the problem I am running into with intellij plugin is?