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@yogthos What's the current method by which luminus moves things in the config files into environment variables? I don't see any dependency on environ


now there's just a dev-config.edn and test-config.edn and with lein, each profile specifies which one should be loaded via :jvm-opts flag: :jvm-opts ["-server" "-Dconf=test-config.edn"]


what library moves those to environment variables? Environ did that before, and I don't see your config library in the dependencies either


ah cprop is what's loading the environment variables


ok, thanks!


So I believe that running lein migratus in a new luminus project no longer works because lein-cprop is no longer used and therefore values in dev-config.edn are never moved to environment variables if the project isn't run. Do you have the same behavior on your machine?


That is a new luminus project made with lein new luminus myapp +postgres. This is a lein project, not a boot one


@donyorm the migrations are actually baked into the app, so the way to run them is by running lein run migrate instead.


the idea is that you package migrations with the app, and they can be run from it when it's deployed


I should get rid of the migratus plugin entirely actually, the only reason it was around was to create migration files from the terminal, but it's better to do that from the repl anyways since you don't need to wait for the runtime warmup that way


I pushed the changes to get rid of the plugin, hopefully things will be less confusing without it


sounds good