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Not quite a tools.deps question, but I'm not sure of a better place to ask---does anyone have any tips on debugging why an AOT-compiled app would be re-JIT compiling when run?


I have not looked inside the jar to check the timestamps, but I don't currently have a reason to believe something modified the source code timestamps to be different than the compiled artifacts

Alex Miller (Clojure team)02:04:52

There is a bug in the maven shade plugin that doesn’t preserve time stamps but not many people use that


That is a related discussion I had on this quite a while back


When I was using maven shade plugin, my solution was to use maven exec plugin to open the shaded jar back up, bump all clj source time stamps back to something in the past and repack the jar. Did that in a script. Hacky


You could also do the workaround there about not including source clj files


are there any guides to using deps + cider?


I am having trouble getting it going with refactor-nrepl


@kidpollo Did you try asking in #cider ?


(I haven't tried it -- I only recently heard that CIDER supports deps.edn)


it does but cant get the refactoring tooling to work


Hmm, I'm not sure why deps vs lein/boot would affect the refactoring tool...?


cider-jack-in, last I checked, hardcoded the deps list. It hadn't yet started using plugins properly.

dominicm20:04:13 now supports updates when an alias for pack exists, regardless of name. I really like the approach that I'm taking here, I think it has legs. I could even see an alternative version of -Sresolve-tags based on this, which doesn't alter your indentation at all. That would be quite valuable, given how varied the indentation preferences are in the community.