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Josh Horwitz12:04:48

Is anyone using the doom-emacs configuration by chance?


I started to, I'm used to spacemacs and its key bindings so I am sticking with that. I have on my agenda to slim down my spacemacs.

Josh Horwitz17:04:58

I switched from spacemacs to doom, and I am really loving it. Just looking for some pointers and help to set it up for clojure development


ah, I'd love to try it out longer term, but the key bindings are a bit foreign and have their own style, also setting everything up is fairly easy for me. Love to hear how it goes, I love how snappy it is.

Josh Horwitz18:04:04

I actually went and changed most of the keybindings to be the same as spacemacs, which I was used to


interesting, I figured it had a standard since I noticed . seemed to be consistent over most of the command groups wrt what the gist of the group was.