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First time I head about amplify. They say it works well with react & the fulcro template has a shadow-cljs option, to get you started. Good chance it will work.


@tony.kay For a quick little bug+fix, do you have a preference for a Github issue, a Github PR, or just a quick note on here?


@grant depends on the fix. A message here first might be good…but if you already know what it is and have a fix, then a clear PR with a single commit and no whitespace changes is fine.


Fulcro 2.5.0-alpha2 on clojars. Experimenting with moving to Clojure 1.9 finally 🙂 This version has the bug fixed DOM and localized DOM out of alpha namespace. Should be a drop-in replacement, but i18n requires porting if you use that (small amount of new code)


@tony.kay In your lein template, for the index.htmls, {{sanitized}} probably needs to be {{name}} or else lein new fulcro domain.proj will not load properly because it tries to call <script>domain/proj.client.init();</script> instead of <script>domain.proj.client.init();</script>.


If you want a PR for that, just let me know.


Hi, I’mhaving a weird issue. I just added datomic to my fulcro project. ANd I get this error about wrap-cljs-repl when I try to run a server repl

Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to resolve var: cemerick.piggieback/wrap-cljs-repl in this context
Has anyone seen this?


nvm figured it out. it was also blowing up the shadow build. Turns out datomic is pulling in an older guava version


@grant A PR would be great