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I'm trying to have my job run while pointing to a production zookeeper but I keep getting this exception org.apache.zookeeper.KeeperException$NoNodeException: KeeperErrorCode = NoNode for /onyx/testcluster/log-parameters/log-parameters. I'm guessing that particular path does not exist yet so it throws the error. Do peers create the necessary paths themselves or do I need to manually create the node in Zookeeper?


It appears that the path does exist so I'm not quite sure why it's throwing that error. I'm seeing a path for /onyx/testcluster/log-parameters but not one for /onyx/testcluster/log-parameters/log-parameters. I noticed on the user guide that the KeeperErrorCode = NodeExists could be ignored so maybe that's what I'm seeing now? I'm just slightly confused at this point as it looks like the job is not able to start


It’s probably unrelated. Zookeeper can be pretty chatty when a node doesn’t exist - it’s likely the code is just checking the znode path, and if it isn’t there it creates it.


@lucasbradstreet Would there be a reason that the job is not writing log-parameters? As of now it looks to be stuck trying to read the log parameters. Just trying to figure out if there's something I've misconfigured


Did you start a peer group and some peers?


@lucasbradstreet ok I think that's what I was missing. Is there an example project out there that I could reference? Or would I reference the api.clj namespace?


They’re not really meant for dev use, as they aren’t repl reloaded friendly, but they’ll show you what order things need to be started up in

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excellent. Thank you!