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Hi, I can’t seem to get use-fixtures to work in kaocha. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?


clojure or clojurescript? :once or :each?


should work... do you have a repo that you can share that reproduces the issue?


Actually, I think the issue was that I didn’t see the output of the println so I assumed that they were not run. Let me investigate some more


I saw later that Kaocha by default hides the println output


it shows them if the test fails, otherwise it hides them to keep your output tidy. You can easily turn this off with --no-capture-output

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👋 Does Kaocha support passing (via command args) a list of file paths (pointing to clj files containing test namespaces) as a way to specify which tests to run? I’m trying to split my test running in my CircleCI job, and CircleCI has a built-in facility wherein it’ll split up my test files for me, according to the level of parallelism I’ve specified. But it outputs file paths. I’m using eftest right now but it doesn’t accept file paths, only directory paths or namespace names.