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@adam622 hey - thanks! Though HN detects & penalises upvotes from direct links, in case anyone was about to click on that link...

Jivago Alves13:08:44

Hi folks. First of all, I'm really excited about crux. Thanks for building it!

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Jivago Alves13:08:15

I was wondering how one would typically plug any software on top of it for analytics stuff. For instance, what would be (if any) an equivalent of having something like Metabase connected on top of PostgreSQL? Just want to evaluate what we can do today with crux for customers familiar with writing SQL for schema-based DBs.


One option is to export to SQLite or equivalent and do analysis from there. The alternative is something like this: no immediate plans unfortunately, but I'm very happy to continue discussion

Jivago Alves15:08:08

I'll take a look at the driver. Thanks!

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