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Faisal Hasnain07:08:58

any ideas to provide default values for path parameters?

Faisal Hasnain07:08:41

I would prefer to provide default values as part of coercion


@faisalhasnain90 Schema-tools supports defaults as part of the coercion, spec (or spec-tools) doesn’t.

Faisal Hasnain09:08:07

Thanks 🙂 i wish spec-tools provide this functionality out of box. Any plans in future?

Faisal Hasnain09:08:46

might try in spare time in future 🙂


ok, started to develop metosin/malli brcause these things are really hard to add to spec, as it doesn’t support any value transformation by default.


spec-tools has lot of small issues that are hard to fix. nothing critical, but still.

Faisal Hasnain10:08:55

make sense, perhaps future version of clojure spec becomes more powerful/flexible to support such use cases.


let’s hope.