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To your point about Study the Great Traditions, see also which says that ideas that have been around for a longer time are likely to stay around for a longer time.


I have commented the twit in the same way with lindy


sorry to spam you again, this will probably be the last one this week: jet v0.0.7 is out, shipping an interactive shell for data exploration using jet-lang follow up in #jet

seancorfield22:08:07 -- new (minor) releases of clj-time, jkk/honeysql, seancorfield/clj-new, seancorfield/depstar, and seancorfield/next.jdbc -- follow-up to #clojure #honeysql #tools-deps #tools-deps and #sql respectively!


Excited to announce Clojurists Together is funding Shadow CLJS, CIDER, Calva, and Meander $9k each over the next 3 months -