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@david.folkner It looks like you're missing the tilde on the last line to "close" the expression: /*~ ) */ should be /*~ ) ~*/


@yogthos I saw the github issue about Bulma and Semantic, did you try ant design?


I haven't used it myself, but a friend of mine is a big fan of it, he published a small wrapper wrapper library for it


It feels very modern, even if I don't like too much dataSource in table component for example. Is syn-antd still maintained ? I found but no updates for 1 year


didn't like antizer as it was very tricky to work with with large sets of data inside table and this was year ago! So dropped and never looked back i've used semantic ui on recommendation by dmitri and i've had a blast using it! this wrapper looks nice might give it a try


@curtis.summers You are absolutely right that I needed to have that. It was working without it when I load up a new repl however. With the fix, loading a new repl works, but I still get the same error when runing (restart-db)


So I'm in the same spot unfortunately.