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David Riley13:10:48

Hey Clojurians, David here again from carwow in sunny London! In case you didn't catch up my message the week before last, you might be keen to know that we're currently looking or a Senior Engineer with strong Clojure experience to join our 40+ engineering squad. We're passionate about simplifying the car buying process, giving control back to the consumer, and ultimately saving people money. For about life at carwow check out: If you're interested to apply, head here:

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Hello Clojurians, we're looking for Clojure developers at Zervant, for a position in Espoo, Finland. We're a Finnish company focused on helping entrepreneurs get paid faster with our innovative invoicing solutions targeted at European markets. Clojure and AWS are some of the technologies you'd be working with. Check out our careers page, to get an idea of the working environment: And you can apply directly here: Unfortunately we're not offering re-location or remote work possibilities at the moment. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to find out more.