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Rachel Westmacott13:10:16

is there any way to suppress specific “… cannot be resolved” warnings?

Rachel Westmacott13:10:44

I’m aware that I can add type hints to help the resolution, but I can’t seem to find the right thing to add to (.getElementById js/document "app") to make it happy


is there a "reformat all these lines" command? I don't just mean reindent; I mean essentially pretty-print it, e.g. take one long multi-form line and turn it into several


right now I copy paste into a repl, quote it, and then paste the printed form back. I was wondering if there was a better way


Is there a way to protect against crashing (or freezing) IntelliJ from accidental massive printing on the console?


@idiomancy btw, you should use figwheel-main; it's a lot simpler i have some skeleton project for it with explanations of how it's been put together and why: on another project, i've also experimented with nrepl, but i couldn't really make it a one step startup process either. i've documented that setup rationale too: