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there hasn’t been any progress on!topic/datomic/kOBvvc228VM has there? We’d also like to vote for getting more info on the exception. We’d like to know which attribute(s) cause the db.error/unique-conflict without having to parse the string…


any ideas? java10 on a fresh ec2 instance: Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Can't define method not in interfaces: recent_db, compiling:(datomic/client/impl/shared.clj:304:1)


I think I've seen some other weirdness mentioned with j10. We're moving all of our stuff to cloud, but still using 8 for on-prem


ah wait is that client code ?


yup! client code. my project compiles fine on my local machine (with the same jvm), but now i have a hunch that i've juggled quite a few deps via lein install and maybe can't reproduce their order on a remote machine. yikes.


when in doubt, uberjar? :man-shrugging:


It’s my observation that d/release on a memory connection actually deletes the underlying database. This is reasonable behavior, but the documentation doesn’t suggest it’s intended. Can anyone on the datomic product team clarify by any chance?