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Github is mostly working again, at least you can see my commits in the webUI now. So here is the log up to day 37

Bobbi Towers19:10:40

It turns out does exactly what I want. You create "code blocks" and "prose blocks", and the UI is incredibly intuitive. And it looks really nice! And the best part, you are synced to GitHub and your work is persisted as a gist. I had so much fun with it that I input the entire guide to Clojure spec:

🙂 4

Day 38 involved a bunch of event organising, especially for the workshops before ClojureX conference. Looks like we have a spec workshop for a few hours in the afternoon and I am planning to run a Clojure CLI, figwheel.main workshop, building a ClojureScript app. I also worked on the Status monitor app and added the idea of data centre locations that would have their own dashboards