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I should really write a high-level roadmap for where I see that work going.


Cljs support for nrepl really depends on what you mean by “nrepl”. If it includes supporting libraries like cider, I don’t have a clear vision for what full support would look like, as cider would have to abstract the way it handles IO and threading to allow for a JavaScript host to run it.


My own work fell off as various life events took precedence and I wasn’t working in cljs often.


@vigilancetech so the short answer is that things are moving slowly, and there’s no cljs implementation of the nrepl currently.


it's really too bad. It kinda makes bootstrapped a 2nd class citizen to be limited to inf-clojure or its ilk for repl support.


I believe there’s some work in the cider project to unwrap some of the jvm specific code, but I haven’t looked into it.