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I’m trying to book a room at the overflow hotel but the group code doesn’t seem to be working


Are they all gone? 😱

Kim Foster20:10:03

Try the link again. Don't be alarmed by the rates on the calendar. When you select your dates and enter, the screen will take you to rooms with the conference rate.


The link is broken (it leads to a page that says the site is undergoing maintenance, but the main site is not down), and when I try booking from the hotel website and inputting the code I see in the link (181125COGN), it tells me the dates are unavailable

Kim Foster23:10:20

If I use the Book Now button on the Location page of the conference site for the overflow hotel, I get through. Here's the link I used:;nights=1&amp;checkin=11/25/2018&amp;group=181125COGN

Kim Foster23:10:23

Are you coming in earlier than Wednesday? I tried Wednesday - Saturday.

Kim Foster13:10:16

Did you get this worked out?


Looks like I’m in! Thanks Kim!

Kim Foster23:10:20

Excellent! See you in Durham.