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I'm noticing jobs being posted in multiple channels, which tends to fragment follow-up conversation in threads. I know I’ve asked about whether contractors were welcome and found the answer in a different channel from the original poster. The post above is in three channels including this one… What do people think about combining the #jobs and #remote-jobs channels to avoid confusion?

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I know MindTheProduct has a jobs board and a Slack bot that automates the submission process.


And gets jobs posted online for a wider reach.


Building something like that in Clojure could be a cool project. Is taken? 😅

Martynas M13:05:46

This same guy is on reddit too: Also I don't really know if it's the right answer to build something if there is a problem. There is nothing to build if somebody simply keeps spamming.

Martynas M13:05:41

Oh my goodness.... He created an account and sent the same message 5 times only on reddit. What a tryhard...


I’m trying to get auto-posting to slack finished and out the door soon for 🤞

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I deleted @U03F14Y37DZ’s post here -- they were told to only post in #jobs and/or #remote-jobs -- this channel is strictly for discussions about jobs/hiring/employment not for job posts.

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@USGJEC3FV’s original post was elsewhere asking how folks find Clojure devs who want to work in startups and/or open-source and I suggested that belonged here in #jobs-discuss but his actual post here sounds more like a job req, which is not appropriate here (but we allowed it on the grounds that it was a strange enough request, carried over from another channel, that we figured it would generate discussion).


As for combining #jobs with #remote-jobs, they were originally separate because a lot of jobs were not remote and people got frustrated that they'd have to hunt through lots of job posts to find the few that were remote, else they'd have to constantly ask job posters if they allowed remote. Then the pandemic made everyone remote so nearly every job now gets cross-posted to both. Now that things are moving back to on-premise in several countries, let's wait and see how it all falls out -- I think we'll start to see a lot more non-remote jobs getting posted over the next year.

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Chibueze Ogbedeh14:05:49

Hi guys just so there is clarity on my search as its come to my attention that it may be deemed as spamming. Yes I did also post this role on multiple reddit clojure pages as I am trying to resource for people interested in clojure roles and as I understand its a very niche functional programming tool there may be people missed who aren't in the main clojure subreddit. I'll say though I do apologise for posting this in the jobs discussion section that was an error on my part. But I'm happy to answer any more questions that anyone may have 👍:skin-tone-5:

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The flag notation works well for jobs to tag where they are applicable (an unofficial convention that has sprung up in both #jobs and #remote-jobs) If a similar convention could be applied for remote jobs, given the volume it would likely be very easy to consume a single channel (and I agree that the current scattering makes it hard on both producers and consumers)

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