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today I decided it's time to look for new employer


not clojure/script probably because nobody hires people to do clojure who hasn't already done clojure for years:)


@U0VQ4N5EE I’ve seen a few companies say they’ll hire people with an interest or related skills. Don’t give up if Clojure’s something important to you!


Thanks! Not giving up very easy, that's for sure.:)

Jordan Robinson12:05:05

most of our hires hadn't done clojure before, I'd for sure not give up

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What do you do @U0VQ4N5EE? We're not quite ready to hire, but we're not too far off 😃...


I have most experience with browserland js, UIs. Not so much with anything JVM or GraalVM, or cloud based things. That's what I think I am lacking vs most people around here.


How deep an understanding do you have of js? Also, feel free to PM me if you want to discuss stuff 😃...


:)Not as good as it used to be. Some years ago I was optimizing a bigint library for a previous version of js engine in chrome.