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What do you guys think would be a good approach for resolving the prompt duplication and occasional request printing for things like completions and argslists while there's a process already running?


I'm somewhat ok with disabling eldoc but I definitely want completions


I'm exploring the idea of using separate front and back end repls but I don't know if it's realistic


I've used lsp for completions and the issue is solved complete


I wish I could use lsp but my company has a huge monorepo and performance isn't good enough


oh bummer. are you using a socket repl? I think that leads to far fewer phantom prompts


We use nrepl so I was trying to set up an nrepl with tty transport but the was killing that approach. I tried a few nights to fix it but I'm new to reader details and haven't figured out a solution. I also tried to use repl-y and nrepl.cmdline via clojure cli to connect to our standard nrepl but was having classpath issues when in our project's directory. When outside of the project I could connect to a project nrepl so I tried making inf-clojure change directory before invoking clojure but it was exiting immediately. Then I resorted to just running a which has so far been great aside from phantom prompts. I'll give another shot to lsp mode and see what I can turn off and how that might help.


they use nrepl but you can just start up a socket repl right? if you can hit nrepl you can hit a socket repl.


i’m not following “when outside of the project i could connect to a project nrepl so i tried making inf-clojure change directory before invoking clojure”. inf-clojure doesn’t have to run anything. just start a socket repl and connect to it with inf-clojure-connect. i don’t understand why you would need to change directories at all. just start the process from the correct directory in the first place in the terminal


Oh, yeah I can try a non nrepl socket repl


Socket repl didn't really help but I was able to significantly improve it with changes to output filtering. I'll put up a PR in the next few days


nice. would love to see it


and i’m glad its working out for you