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Neanderthal 0.44.0 released with CUDA 11.6 support! High performance programming, matrices, and linear algebra in on CPU & GPU. Good tools need great tutorials; there's tons in Clojure, including two books!

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practicalli-johnny13:05:25 configuration for Clojure & LSP for Spacemacs updated with a simpler LSP configuration and support for the XDG basedir specification (I now run Emacs 28.1 from ~/.config/emacs with Spacemacs configuration in ~/.config/spacemacs directory) • minimal LSP UI - disables sideline bar and documentation popups on top of LSP UI defaults which are much gentler now • XDG basedir specification - environment variable docs (SPACEMACSDIR) and custom files relative to dotspacemacs-directory so configuration work from ~/.config/spacemacs or ~/.spacemacs.d/ directories • Customize variables section split into its own file, simplifying the versioning of the spacemacs.d/init.el file (so much nicer) • Treemacs history files saved to user-emacs .cache directory (supports XDG spec) • snippet to create .dir-locals.el for Clojure CLI tools aliases on REPL startup with cider-jack-in • removed deprecated github layer (all functioning packages now in git layer) Thank you.

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thank you for using XDG dirs. I think most/all apps schould


Thanks. I'm finishing a blog post about setting up XDG for a number of tools. I am finding it very enlightening